"Great dancers are not great because of their technique

they are great because of their passion."


-Martha Graham


Classes we offer


Tap I 
This class serves as a first class for new tappers. This Tap I class is devoted to tap technique, teaching simple rhythms, dancing to the beat of the music and staying together as a group. They will learn a full length routine to dance to at rectial. 


Tap II
Tap II is a continuation of components and skills learned in Tap I. The class includes added emphasis on technique, body placement, terminology, correct individual sounds and further development of simple rhythms. This class performs at all rectials.


Students continue to further develop the skills learned in Tap II. Increased emphasis will be placed on proper technique, execution and terminology. Distinct sounds, correct weight on tap and more difficult combinations will be taught in this class.

Babes in Ballet & Ballet 


Babes in Ballet 

Babes in Ballet are for those dancers 3 (approved by Laura) - 5 can learn the basics of ballet. If your babe has not ever danced a day in their life...this is where they will be placed. They will learn the 5 positions, correctly stand, how to place their feet when pointing, walk properly for dance and stretches. This stage they are little sponges and you'd be surprised at how much they learn in this class. It is a great prep class for any dance class after this age as it is the CORE to all dance. 


Ballet I

This program offers 5-8 year-olds the opportunity to begin an earnest study of classical ballet. Barre work is introduced with a strong focus on individual turnout, foot development and port de bra. Proper behavior and correct technique is stressed as the students’ confidence and self-assurance are developed.


Ballet II
Placement in this class depends upon each student’s ability and individual progress.  Correct technique, coordination, turnout, foot development and flexibility are  carefully evaluated and emphasized. The curriculum calls for more complex center and  diagonal floor exercises, as well as increased control and placement. This class  prepares and evaluates students and their potential to go onto pointe. Acceptance  into the class is by teacher evaluation.


This class is recently added for fall 2017. This class must have Miss Laura's prior approval to take as it will require outside of class homework, work outs and a professional attitude inside and outside of class to be able to determine if your child's body and brain are ready for this challenge!




This is a perfect class for those older dancers who have never danced before. 5+ age group. Simple jazz movements are taught that children can execute easily.  Each week we will have a fun warm up song, learn some technique and learn parts of a choreographed song for recitals.  Emphasis is placed on rhythm as well as basic technique, locomotor skills and coordination. Children also explores the joy of creative movement.  Jazz vocabulary is expanded. Students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic movement combinations.



This is acknowledged as an intermediate jazz class for 8+ year olds. Jazz II stresses technique, proper stretching, learning correct terminology, and combinations to complete a dance routine in time for recital. Students work on correct body alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility. Each student will perform at all recitals.



This class if for those dancers ready and willing to work harder within their dance technique. This class we recomend for dancers ages 11 and up, emphasis is placed on body placement and proper technique, stretching and development of skills. Students also begin to develop basic performance skills such as style, focus and energy. We will learn a routine for all recitals.

Lyrical & Contemporary 


Lyrical I

Children explore the joy of creative movement.  Lyrical vocabulary is expanded. Students learn fundamental lyrical steps and basic movement combinations.


Lyrical II

Students work on correct body alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility. Dance vocabulary is expanded through across the floor exercises and simple combinations. Their core strength is worked on weekly, flexed and pointed feet, correct turn outs and more will be pertinent to successfully telling a story to music with your body!


Lyrical III

An intermediate class for ages 11 and up, emphasis is placed on body placement and proper technique, stretching and development of skills. Students also begin to develop basic performance skills such as style, focus and energy.  Style in lyrical is everything. Moving to music as it dictates us to is something each dancer will learn!

Hip Hop 

Hip Hop I

This class is an introduction for students who are either just starting out or have minimal hip-hop experience. Class includes a warm-up which concentrates on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning and rhythm isolations. Level I focuses on building a foundation of basic hip-hop movements, across the floor exercises and short combinations to today’s popular music. 


Hip Hop II

Hip Hop II is an intermediate class for students who have developed a foundation of basic hip-hop movements and sequences. Level II places more emphasis on body conditioning and transitions. This class focuses on developing an ear for rhythms and exploring syncopation through the music and choreography. Students will be expected to learn and execute a series of challenging combinations throughout the year. Teacher recommendation is required.


Hip Hop III

Hip Hop III is for advanced dancers with a strong understanding and ability to perform traditional hip-hop movements. Students will continue to develop body strength, flexibility and stamina and will be challenged to learn and recall advanced choreography from week to week. An emphasis on core conditioning will also become a part of the warm-up. Students in this level will continue to build on their knowledge of rhythm and syncopation and will also be introduced to break-dancing. Teacher recommendation is required.

Acro Classes / Tumbling

Our main priority is to keep dancers safe as they are growing but to motivate, push, and drive them to be the best dancer and athlete they can be. We have a great tumbling and acro curriculum put together to grow dancers in not only dance but in this venture too. We have levels 1-4 put together in order to work on everything from a cartwheel to aerial. We work walk overs, back tucks, as well as the somersaults, foot work, and floorwork.

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Tiny Tykes Program

The Tiny Tykes program is perfect for the young kids who have just started walking but not quite ready for the full dance world or not yet pottytrained. We have a full program organized just for those who are learning instructions, how to follow a tleader, and or are just trying to get prepared on how to listen to a teacher before enrolling into school. We have had HUGE success with this program and look foward to meeting your 2year old (ish)-4 year old and get them MOVING with us.

Open Gym

Fridays 3:30-6:30pm - We offer open gym to all of our studio dancers. This is a time when the student can work on their stretches, technique, specific routines and more. They come with goals and we help them reach them every Friday. Most of the staff is here every Friday to help students push themselves and practice their goals.