"Life is a stage...created by God...we are just blessed enough to dance in it!" - Laura Klima


Meet   Miss Laura Klima-Fehr

Official Biography:

Laura Klima, Owner and founder of Danceography, began dancing at the age of two, and has paticipated in a wide variety of community performances throughout both her childhood and college career. From early on, she recognized that recitals were more than just glitter and lights, but the fruition of hard work and dedication to the art of movement. During high school, Laura joined the Hoisington dance line and cheerleading team as Captain, and landed a spot on the USA Team, giving her the opportunity to travel and compete in Paris, France. After graduation, she started, directed, and choreographed routines for Sterling College's dance program, and then returned to Barton County where she continued to train with their college dance team and compete at a national level. Laura then attended Kansas State University where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, Human Resources, and Apparel/Textiles Marketing. Her education made it possible to join GTM Sportwear as a Dance and Cheer Representative and later manage High Call Outfitters. Although fashion consumed most of her time, Laura continued to teach dance for the Hoisington Recreation Commission. Her passion for dance and commitment to it's language has brought her to live the dream she planted in her heart as a little girl. Laura is thrilled to have opened Danceography in September 2014, where she looks forward to helping students grow as dancers in a positive, creative, and Christian environment.

Dance + Choreography = Danceography 

Laura Klima-Fehr

Danceography Owner

From Miss Laura:

I have danced since I was 2 year old and have loved it ever since. The stage sets me on fire & it is a passion I love to share and teach to kids that desire to DANCE!  I love Jesus, kids, and being surrounded by friends and family. I spend most of my days inside the studio to plan, choreograph, correspond with dance families through email, texts and phone calls with a quick break for lunch around 1pm each day. I then come back to the studio from 3pm until about 9:15-9:45ish every single night. When I first opened the studio, I feel like I lived here, and I pretty much did :) I still do to an extent, but when you love what you do - - -you never work a day in your life. There are many times the physical body gets tired or I catch one of the many colds the students have flying around, but it makes it all worth it when you see a kiddos eyes light up because they got a step correctly or when they say thank you for such a fun class period. I love the studio family, I love the kids I get to teach, and I am blessed abundantly by God for giving this all to me. 

I could not do what I do every day without the most SOLID support system I could have ever dreamed of. My family and friends. . .INCLUDING my new dance family, encourages me without end.  Now...as I talk about family and friends...my staff immediately comes to mind...

God has blessed me with an amazing staff.​ Your students are in such good hands when they walk into this studio. I am so proud to have an encouraging, motivating, positive, knowledgeable, and respectful staff. Every single one of my instructors makes me proud on a weekly basis. The e-mails letting me know classes are going awesome or pictures of students with their teachers being goofballs makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I hope you are able to see what our studio is all about soon. Do not be afraid to ask any questions! We love to dance and can't wait to share our #1 passion with you and your dancer!