Sterling House Performance

Danceography studio students were invited to perform a handful of routines today (3/7/15). We are grateful for the opportunity to dance for Sterling House residents. It was a beautiful day filled with great smiles, claps and a few "aww"s as Addison Hart age 4, Leah Mai age 8, Tricia Schremmer age 9, Maddy Hayden age 16 and Taylor Hofeling age 18 performed for the residents. The experience was just what the dancers needed to gain a bit of confidence for their upcoming performances. Addison Hart performed what she has learned so far of her tap and ballet routines. Leah Mai showed off her “9-5” tap routine. Taylor, Maddy and Tricia all gave their first competition pieces a test run as they prepare for their first competition (ever!) later this month.

Again, we would like to thank Sterling House for the opportunity to dance for them and cannot wait to go back for another visit!

"I'm very proud of how the girls performed. 3 of the 5 girls have never performed solos before, so we had some nerves. They all did great and I can't wait to see them perform on the big stage later in March & May. Our studio is definitely blessed with a lot of young ladies with talent and dedication!!" - Laura Klima