The first competition of the season was a success! Bravo was an excellent competition in Wichita, Kansas that we attended for the first time ever. We were very pleased with the staff, judges, fellow competitors & other studios that attended. Our girls learned a TON by watching other phenomenal dancers use their God-given talents. It was an amazing experience and we are even more excited for the rest of our upcoming competitions this year. As their teacher, I was more than proud of every single dancer that attended this competition. We only have one returning competitor - so for the rest of the girls, this was their first competition ever!! Congrats on all of your hard work ladies!

BravO! awards: Tap group: Platinum, 1st overall & judges award "Best Foot Forward"

Reese Bullard jazz solo: Elite High Gold & 5th overall

Tricia Schremmer jazz solo: Elite High Gold

Leah Mai jazz solo: Elite High Gold

Jaci Schremmer musical theatre: Elite High Gold & 8th overall

Jaci Schremmer jazz solo: Elite High Gold