February Student of the Month!

Introducing FEBRUARY DANCER OF THE MONTH....DILANA GOODENOUGH!!! Miss Kim loves having her in class! Her smile is contagious as well as her hard work every Thursday in her hip hop and jazz class. Thank you Dilana for representing Danceography so well!

1) Full name: Dilana Mae Goodenough 2) Birthday: August 30, 2009 3) Favorite style of dance: Jazz 4) When did you start dancing? 2 years ago 5) How long do you think you will dance? 4-5 years? 6) Favorite food? Chocolate 7) Favorite movie? Frozen 8) Favorite person? Mom 9) Who is your role model? Mrs. Thomas my teacher 10) What do you want to be when you grow up? Teacher 11) What are you excited about in dance this year? Spring Recital 12) Favorite part about Danceography? Dancing 13) School you attend? Ellinwood Grade School