March Student of the Month

Congrats to the Student of the Month KASHLIN BECK!

Kashlin brings such a fun and funky spark to class every week. We can always tell she practices as she leads the class every Tuesday with her tapping skills & killer hip hop moves. She always is free-styling and showing off her abilities in class and sometimes her moves even become a part of our choreography (just like this Tuesday)!! She has came a long ways with us and we are so proud to have her dancing at our studio!

1) Full name: Kashlin Beck 2) Birthday: April 12, 2006 3) Favorite style of dance: Hip Hop 4) When did you start dancing? 8 years old 5) How long do you think you will dance? Age 17 6) Favorite food? Pizza 7) Favorite movie? Suicide Squad 8) Favorite person? Dad and Mom 9) Who is your role model? My big sister Karli 10) What do you want to be when you grow up? A Teacher 11) What are you excited about in dance this year? My solos in the routines

12) Favorite part about Danceography? Everything 13) School you attend? Central Plains Middle School