Miss Laura's THANK YOU

Thank you, God, for this. For allllll of this - 😍😭💜

I don't even know what to post first. Soooo - as tears stream down my face from being so darn thankful...& completely just overwhelmed with a happy heart --- I just had to post SOMETHING that said THANK YOU as soon as I could. Wow. Thank you. Thank you to every single dancer - I love you all so much, thank you to all of my outstanding dance parents, (our Danceographyfamily is amazing) thank you to my amazing staff by my side, thank you to my crazy-awesome-ever-understanding family, thank you to my two handsome lights & sound men, & thank you to everyone who came & watched the show(s)....

I'm blown away at our support. Seriously. It has been a "legendary" weekend. I will go to bed with tears streaming down my face, the biggest soul smile possible & soooo much love in my heart.

I am so thankful. Thank you. 💜

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