Thinking about a summer camp?

Why not?!?!

Check out these reviews:

"had a great experience!! She loved working with Ms. Kim and has a new love for dance!! Especially tap- and jazz was already on the top! As for mom- this camp experience was awesome for a short-term exposure to a genre that didn't hurt the pocket book. Loved the experience in a week wasn't demanding on our time- yet exposed her to something new! Now she can't wait to start learning more!!"

"I was impressed with her (Miss Kim) patience working with the little ones!"

"Great review for fundamentals. Also good way to get a taste of what a different kind of dance such as tap will be like. Miss Kim always does a great job and is very patient yet requires excellence from the girls. _____ had fun and loved the performance Friday night. Camp is a good way to touch up on their dance skills after not formal practicing for over a month. Thank you!"

"Kim had them well under control and everyone was having fun!"

"I think it went really well! _____ loved it and Kim did a great job of running the little recital on Friday"