The Dance Effect - Regionals & Nationals

The Dance Effect has to be one of our favorite competitions we have ever been a part of. From their respectful atmosphere to their kind hearts towards every dancer, parent, and attendee - we just love them all and are so excited to grow with them over the coming years.

Regionals in April went awesome and all the girls "qualified" for Nationals. They all have studio stipulations to meet in order to be invited to nationals. Upon finishing the last competition of the season, each competition team member was in good standing, had placed very high through the season, and represented the studio well on and off the stage! We have never been more proud of a team than this year! Sooooo - each girl received their national invite and we were NATIONALS BOUND in JUNE!

It was The Dance Effect's first year hosting a Nationals so we knew it would be small (16 studios total) but a different set up than last years more expensive and further away - St. Louis Nationals (70+ studios with 1500+ entries). We were excited to try this avenue alongside them and see how the girls would do, if our studio would fit well with this style of nationals and work our tails of to prepare to give the best performances we possibly could.

They did just that! The girls worked hard May 14th to June 12th to prove that they could improve not only their personal routines but their duos/trios/small groups and our large group routine "Looks Like Money" as well!!

The results are on the pictures below. We are so proud of them. HUGE shout out to our amazing dance mom, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and more that came to support these dancers. It takes a lot to put a dancer through a full competition season + nationals. We have one of the most respectful, solid, Christian-based group of people I could ask for. These girls have not only become like my own - but their families have become a huge part of my life. So thankful I get to call these people my dance friends and family. WAY TO GO GIRLS!! I am so proud of you - Miss Laura