Get Glowing - MOPS EVENT

The "Get Glowing" event put on by our local MOPS group was phenomenal! I was asked to go lead a fantastic group of women in a Booty and Barre work out that morning. I was so pumped to be a part of such a "woman empowerment" event. The women were so excited to be hosting this event, worked hard on putting it together with leaders, sponsors, decorations and more - it was just fantastic. The morning began with Miss Morgan Stevens from Yoga Central here in Great Bend - she opened the morning with an amazing full body yoga warm up. That 30 minutes was the perfect way to get the body open and ready to work for the morning! Then it was my turn - BOOTY AND BARRE time. Without ballet barres, it was a little challenging - however, the women were amazing. We used backs of benches at the local courthouse square and I truly felt like every woman pushed themselves within that 30-45minutes!! After working up a sweat - Tandi from Club 1 Fitness was up. She cooled everyone down, ensured we thanked our bodies for working so hard. It was the perfect ending to an awesome morning work out.

The ladies then gathered around for guest speakers, toured the health booths that were set up and enjoyed time together over coffee. It was a great morning. Can't wait to do it again next year!! Cheers in health!!

Here are a few photos -