Dream Big

Good days follow the bad days & Sunny days follow the rainy days. You all (from Kansas/Barton Country for sure) are saying "YES, PRAISE, JESUS FOR THE SUN!!!" after we have received what felt like WEEKS of rain. Many people's yards, basements, homes, farms, and more flooded. So we are thankful for the sun and a break from rain.

Here I am watching the sun set -- and I am so thankful for the sun that I see setting before me as I write this.

God is good and God is good ALL the time!! Can I get an AMEN?!?

Lately, I have been so thankful for what I have. I am getting married this summer (7/7), I have an amazing family, awesome friendships, and the studio is doing so well. It has grown so much and God has showed off yearly. I had no idea what He had in store 5 years ago when Danceography first started. I have no idea what His future plans are for my life and Danceography. AND, I have YET to understand what He is trying to stir up in me. But through the past 6+ months of asking.....What I have come to realize is...

I have stopped DREAMING. I do not think that I have taken a step back, hit the pause button on "a busy life" long enough too realize I stopped DREAMING completely. I have "the dream". It came true! The thing I never thought would happen, happened. I own a studio, get to teach young girls and boys how to dance, live and teach Jesus through actions and words of truth, pick costumes, design clothing line for the studio, be my "own boss", lead employees honestly, take time off when necessary due to those amazing employees that are trained, market my business, have photo shoots, travel, train in dance, learn from other teachers, gained so many friends that have truly become my family, and the studio grew so fast that God gave us a second location with in the second year of being open. We have accomplished more than the dream. All I was dreaming 6 years ago was being the Hoisington High School Danceline Coach and starting a Hoisington Rec Dance program. God has turned that into THIS!!!

I have been content with all that I have and just been SOOOO HAPPY with it!! So thankful, so content, and I cannot explain how GOOD THAT feels. It is like getting to the top of the mountain and looking at the easy part knowing you get to just enjoy being on the top of the mountain you just climbed watching everything God's painted before you. The sun, the trees, rocks all around, perfect temperature, just absorbing all of God's painting around you -- You sit still, with a huge smile on your face, and just say "thank you". After a while, you usually are faced with your next move -- have a few options at that point, keep climbing the bigger mountain that's to your right, climb over a few rocks to get to the next nice little mountain about the same height with a view, or go ahead and climb on down.

I am going to keep climbing. Climbing up. I have prayed a LOT over the past 6+ months and I am excited to see what is going to come of these prayers and ideas He's showing. These new dreams that have formed. NOW I am ready to climb some more and let God show off even BIGGER -- I am ready to see what His next dream is for my life.

Cheers to DREAMING BIG and never forgetting to DREAM. Never stop creating NEW goals for yourself, your job, your kids, your friendships, your family, your partner, your work - keep dreaming. Let God show off. Let God show you His plans. Don't stop DREAMING -- You're His child and He wants to give you the WORLD.