It's Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams...

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would step away from being a drama director and head debate/forensics coach to pursue a hidden dream of mine. It stands true that you are never too old, and nothing is ever impossible, if you just have faith, work hard, surround yourself with good people, and most importantly believe in yourself. And to think this all started with a simple question. One evening on a whim, I decided to reach out to an old high school friend, Laura Klima-Fehr, about what it all took for her to start up her own dance studio. In all honesty, I didn’t really expect anything to come of it, that it would give me any grounds or even hope to begin a dance studio path of my own, that I would actually be given a chance to open my wings and fly onto a new horizon. Boy oh boy howdy was I wrong! After a handful of missed attempts to try and touch base, we finally were able to connect. Long story short, the next thing I knew, Laura was asking me to consider starting up, as a director, a studio with her up in my neck of the woods in Northeast Kansas! To be the one to help grow the Danceography family in a new location! Yikes!! At first, I was taken aback and overwhelmed with so many emotions that I wasn’t quite sure it was even real! After several more phone calls and many, many more prayers later, I said yes! Let’s do it! And the beginnings of our story began… Fast forward to present day, as I’m sitting in the very spot that will soon be our lobby, I am still overcome with so many emotions and feelings. I am blessed beyond belief. I am surrounded by so many wonderful individuals that have helped this dream of mine come to fruition. I am so incredibly humbled and grateful. My soul is so full, and we haven’t even begun classes yet. The community of De Soto has been so incredibly welcoming and supportive, more than I could have ever hoped for. I wouldn’t even know where to begin or how to thank everyone properly. I simply can not wait for our roots to grow and for our Danceography family to take shape within this community! Then there is Laura and her husband Matt, wow. In any moments of self-doubt, they are always there for an amazing and faith filled pick me up. I can’t imagine embarking on this amazing adventure with anyone else! Lastly, my heart immediately goes to my family and to my incredible fiancé, Anthony. Without their unwavering support and understanding through this whirlwind of a time, heaven only knows where I would be! Looking around me, it’s not hard to imagine, and I can hardly wait to see, what amazing stories are about to unfold, what memories are about to be made, and what lifelong friends and family that will be gained. I cannot wait to see my dance family grow into the best versions of themselves with grace, passion, and humility. While the floors and mirrors are not quite installed, and the atmosphere is halfway between what has been and what is to come, all in a few short weeks this new space, this new home, will come alive with love, laughter, music, and DANCE! It’s hard to for me to fully grasp this new reality quite yet but I do know that I am unquestionably blessed and forever grateful for getting the opportunity to embark on this new magical adventure. And to think, this all began because I mustered up the courage to ask a simple question…

With much love, Miss Kelli

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” – Phil. 4:13


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