Woah, Baby!

Recital time is upon us, and the countdown is on for Baby Coles to arrive! Our household has been busy preparing for Baby Coles to come, but I have also been dancing my free time away getting all my routines accomplished before he arrives! I'm learning that time management is very important to balance as I'm accomplishing everything that needs done between the dance recital and making sure we are fully prepared for this wonderful blessing God has given my husband and I. We are already learning choreography in our classes, and the girls are doing well picking up lots of moves. I was blessed to meet Miss Laura two years ago and find a job that I absolutely LOVE! I have learned many new steps from Miss Laura and have enjoyed expanding my dance knowledge! Miss Laura has given me awesome opportunities learning from many dance teachers, so I can improve as a dancer myself. How blessed am I to be able to do something I love! I'm also thankful for a team who has helped me grow in all types of dance so I can help others with new dance steps.