A First and a Last

Hello, my name is Ashley LePage, I am from Solomon, KS and this is my first (also last) year at Danceography. I am on the dance team at Barton Community College as well as teaching for Danceography. This semester has been a little crazy but my students are what keep me going, I have so much fun with them and I love the girls I teach. My favorite part about teaching is seeing the students improvements each week and seeing their faces light up when they achieve new goals. This recital is going to be amazing and these boys and girls have been working so hard. It never shows how hard they have worked until they take the stage and give it their all and that is what I am looking forward to, seeing the dancers show what they’re worth on that stage. I am so sad to be leaving Danceography, the people here are amazing, the students love what they do and everyone is so respectful and it makes it so much easier to teach everyday. I am so thankful for everyone and everything I have learned.