From Miss Jordyn

Wow! I can’t believe we are on the back end of the second semester! Recital is quickly approaching and competition season is in full swing! Looking back from the beginning of the year I have learned so much throughout the semester. I help instruct a solo, duo, and help out with the competition team.

My solo student has been so fun to work with! She comes in every week ready to practice and learn. I have enjoyed working with her and seeing her improve. She has been working really hard outside of practice and it is showing! She is also in the duo I help instruct.

The duo I help instruct is a little different than a traditional dance class. We work via zoom every week with Miss Laura and Miss Gabby from the de Soto studio. It has its challenges but it’s been a fun and new experience for all of us! I have had the privilege of meeting with the girls in person to practice and they are amazing! Two great dancers who compliment each other's skills. It’s been fun to watch their friendship grow along with their dancing.

Helping out with the competition team has been a very new experience for me. Being around a lot of girls with lots of personalities can be overwhelming but I am working to get to know the girls individually. Seeing their progress since the beginning of the year to now is very rewarding. They are a great group of girls who cheer each other on, care for one another, and proudly represent Danceography.

I am looking forward to the dance recital and can’t believe how quickly it is approaching! After experiencing my first dance recital in December and seeing how all the staff, parents, and volunteers came together to put on a recital makes me excited for our next one. I feel it ran as smoothly as possibly and know we got this! I also can’t wait to see all my colleagues' hard work they have done for this recital! Being able to see their choreography, hear their music choice, see their outfit choices, and all their excited students ready to perform will be so much fun!