"Last Time"

"Last time!"

A dance teacher's famous last words :) and one my dancers have probably heard a lot of lately! As one of the head Coaches for the Danceography Competition Team, practices have been more intense and jam packed lately working hard to help the girls perfect their hard work for competitions over the past seven months!

Leading the majority of the practices with Miss Laura being in DeSoto now has been the biggest change for me this year and what a challenge for me personally that has been! Looking back, being put into a leader role has challenged me to do more and different things that I normally am not always 100% comfortable with and I am SO very thankful for the opportunities I've been given to grow as a teacher and a human due to the change in my role this past year!

One of my favorite parts, and sometimes a super challenging part of my job, is the wide range in ages of my dancers on the competition team. With ages ranging from young elementary to High School ages, not only do I get to watch my younger and new babes learn things for the first time, master new skills, perfect old skills and learn from the older members on the team. I also get to watch the girls that I've had the pleasure of coaching for the past FIVE years grow into not only amazing and skilled dancers but more importantly, amazing young women. Young women who are beautiful on the inside and out, role models to the community and our studio and so near and dear to my heart! It's an amazing job to have and so fun to watch the older girls help, teach and mold the younger dancers on the team! The girls are what keep me coming back to the studio each week, their love for dance and just them in general; it is hands down the best part!

With recital being right around the corner, that means a few things for me. It means competition season is in FULL swing with lots of hustling around and doing our best to think of all the little things to prepare for each upcoming competition. It means I have my own little dancer diva at home (Miss Mila) that I am helping prepare for what will be her first recital with more than one routine, so the fun of being a Dance Mom, making sure she's practicing and doing her part. Being a Dance Mom has been the best part of each recital for the past 3 years, watching my baby doing something that she LOVES, which also happens to be a giant passion of mine, is one of the best things I've experienced as a mom. Recital is such a fun time in general, the energy, the hustling to make sure everything has been thought of and completed and then playing out in front of you; watching the hard work of not only the dancers but hard work from all of the instructors as well as Miss Laura and Miss Aly. They work so crazy hard to think of every single, tiny detail making it so fun to watch it all unfold in front of us each year as we sit and wonder how exactly it will unfold because each recital has it's own, fun and crazy surprises! This year's recital also brings a different excitement this year as we are expecting baby number 3 right around recital time, it brings a lot of anticipation on whether I will be a giant pregnant human at recital or if there will be a brand new member to our family that will begin their tough job of tagging along to all of their siblings activities! :)

Enjoy the time that is left before recital. Make sure you're doing all the things: practicing hard both inside and outside of class, talking and prepping your dancer for the good times that will ensue but most importantly, enjoy every moment because whether you're a dance parent or a dancer, these are times that cannot be given again. They will all be a fun memory soon; so live in the moment, soak it ALL up and take lots of pictures!!

Miss Nakita