Sarah Burkhead Fitness Presents:

Here’s a little about Sarah:

I am 26 years old and & have my B.A. from Washburn University in

Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. I chose to earn

my degree in that specific field because I have always loved being

active and making my health and fitness a priority. And not just

because it’s important, but because I think it’s fun! I love helping

others reach their own personal goals, get stronger and helping them

feel good!

I have been creating one-on- one nutrition and workout plans off and

on ever since I graduated & have been leading fitness classes for a

over a year. My weekly intention for this class is to get in a good

workout in a short amount of time and help people understand that

exercising can be FUN! I will also share a few tips/tricks to help the

class stay on track & see some great results.

A little more about me - I have been married to my husband Stephen

for 4 years and we have a daughter, Rachael, who is 2 years old!

Making sure we stay active is important & finding healthy recipes, for

my family to try, has been an adventure! I love staying up to date on


the latest, best and most efficient workouts possible & personally

don’t think you need a gym to stay or get fit; all you really need is


- Sarah Burkhead

Meet Sarah...